What a year it has been!

The past year has been quite a trip!

First of all, we lost our beloved Mia a few months after we returned from our vacation.

Then I put all my energies into preparing and doing shows, not really paying too much to my website.

In January Molly became a part of our family. She is a joy!

Then, in March, the world came to a stand still. My husband and I were both very sick the whole month. This was before all the Covid 19 testing, so are far as I know I had a month long sinus and ear infection, depending on steroids and my neubulizer to breathe. Miss Molly stayed right by my side, being the little cuddle bug she is and helped me through.

Recently I haven't been doing too much lately except making face masks (with matching bandannas for Mollie!) I've also been working with some new materials in my jewelry making.

Since shows have been suspended for now, I've promised myself to work on my website and really catch up.

Molly and Me

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